Episode 44 of Autism Knows No Borders

Podcast – Jake’s House Community Residences featured on ‘Autism Knows No Borders’

January 22, 2021

In this podcast released on January 21st 2020, David Bodanis (co-founder of Jake’s House) explains his family’s journey with Autism, what motivated him and his wife and co-founder Irene to create Jake’s House, as well as insight into the recently launched Jake’s House Community Residences project in partnership with MarshallZehr.

Jake’s House Community Residences (JHCR) is an initiative designed to help deliver housing to those with special needs and their caregivers. In Ontario alone, there are 14,000 individuals identified on wait lists for affordable housing – and this number continues to grow to 30,000 within three years. For every person who comes off this wait list, six new people are added. Currently, there is little to no specialty housing for autistic individuals and their aging caregivers. Jake’s House Community Residences, together with MarshallZehr, aims to change this.

“We’ve always approached everything we’ve done as ‘go find the leader’, in this case housing, and let’s put all our support behind that group.” says David. “Our housing partner is an incredibly generous group of individuals – Greg Zehr and David Marshall, have combined in their company MarshallZehr – and they have a fantastic team and the only reason Jake’s House was able to acquire its first residence, which is a 54-unit building which we are tailoring solely towards the autism community.”

“We’ve given a proposal to our [provincial] government for 15 properties – and again, does Jake’s House have the expertise or the skill set to find those properties? No. Does Jake’s House have the skill set to fund those properties? No. So this is why we find an organization like MarshallZehr – and Greg, David, Cecil and Murray and their entire team – and how they are literally trying to change the culture in this country.”

You can listen to the full episode ’44. Support Across the Lifespan at Jake’s House in Canada, with David Bodanis’ on the ‘Autism Knows No Borders’ podcast. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and other major podcast platforms, or watch the full video on YouTube.


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