Neither MarshallZehr (MZ), nor its principals are a financial services advisor or provide any professional investment opinions. MarshallZehr is a Mortgage Brokerage #12453 and Mortgage Administrator #11955; Murray Snedden is the principal broker.

Each mortgage is an independent mortgage opportunity that you choose to participate in as a lender and as a beneficial owner after you have completed your own independent investigation of the presented opportunity. MZ is the licensed mortgage brokerage and administrator and is only providing you data on the mortgage opportunity and due diligence information from the borrower.

You, as the mortgage participant, acknowledge that MZ and their affiliates offer no warranty as to the advisability of the mortgage and that they have no liability relating to the results of it. The participant in the mortgage acknowledges and accepts that the mortgage has risks which may result in loss including the return of the principal. MZ and their affiliates are acting in good faith and use their best efforts to supply to the participant all material information regarding each mortgage opportunity. MZ and their affiliates shall endeavor to obtain any further information requested by the mortgage participant relating to the borrower to enable the completion of the due diligence by the participant. All mortgage participants are required to ensure that they fulfill the Ontario Security Commission requirements and are qualified to be a designated class of investor.