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MarshallZehr focuses on construction and development real estate lending in Ontario with select builders and developers – a segment full of opportunity to capture stable yield, given you have the right combination of expertise and strategy.

Since 2008, MarshallZehr has delivered premium risk-adjusted returns and strong cash flow for our lenders; a successful formula built on the right mix of product, team, and strategy.

Funding opportunities to suit

MZ provides multiple options to invest in select real estate development opportunities. Our track record speaks for itself – our team of experienced leaders and professionals will guide you to the vehicle that meets your needs.

Proven fixed income offering

We focus on the ‘mass market’ in Ontario, a sector that has consistent, recession-resilient demand and low correlation to public markets. We work with midsized to larger developers, who are experts in their own niche markets.

Proven experienced and skilled team

Our experienced leadership and highly-skilled team of professionals have demonstrated success executing strong and resilient strategies that deliver even in tough economic climates.

Proven strategy and track record

MarshallZehr deploys a comprehensive end-to-end approach supported by our proprietary technology platform and process discipline. This enables us to create balanced, scalable strategies to fit any mandate – together with robust reporting, transparency, and insight creating long-term trust and loyalty.

Standardized approach

Standardized approach

MarshallZehr has developed a standardized approach to evaluating opportunity. Leveraging experience, innovative technology, and strategic relationships, our team improves the risk quality of projects and provides effective strategies for mitigation.

Proprietary enterprise technology

Proprietary enterprise technology

Our proprietary enterprise platform delivers efficiencies that enable MarshallZehr to meet all mandate sizes – together with leading edge security protocols and technology to keep data safe.

Detailed reporting and modelling

Detailed reporting and modelling

We prioritize delivering detailed reporting and transparency so you always understand the performance of your capital and where you stand.

Our professionals reforecast project cash flows, communicate expected capital requirements to our lenders, and proactively address project risks (schedule delays, budget variances, operations, etc.), to keep borrowers accountable.

Robust compliance and processes

Robust compliance and processes

We have an intense focus on ensuring robust compliance to internal and external compliance needs, enabled through detailed processes, procedures, and technology.

Our professionals closely monitor and report our adherence to compliance obligations (including Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario). Where applicable, our offerings are available to Permitted Clients through exempt market dealer only.

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