Protect your investment and maximize value

Our institutional and private lenders participate in high-profile transactions by taking advantage of our diverse connections, deep industry knowledge and strategic due diligence practices.

From our intensive underwriting and origination process, to our industry recognized mortgage administration services, MarshallZehr carefully identifies the highest quality projects to support each lender’s mandate.

We have a proven track record of creating long term value by deploying capital while focusing on strategic and scalable solutions, and successfully managing transactions to repayment.

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Access to Alternative Asset Classes

Capital sources benefit from risk-adjusted returns and cash flow through our exceptional project line up. With a proven 15-year track record, we deliver success through solution-driven approaches while effectively mitigating risks.

Our private and institutional lenders can gain access to the Canadian real estate market through secure lending positions. Alternative assets can provide diversified exposure to a lender’s portfolio while achieving appropriate yields.

Diverse and High-Quality Real Estate Projects

Our disciplined underwriting, origination and governance practices allow us to source and identify exceptional projects, giving lenders unique access to quality lending opportunities in the Canadian real estate sector. Lenders can participate in a diverse range of project types and geographic markets.

MarshallZehr sources real estate transactions through established developers in markets throughout Ontario and British Columbia.

Mortgage Administration

We deliver the strategic insight necessary to craft tailored financial solutions, all backed by our industry recognized mortgage administration services.

Active Management

Our team of skilled professionals possesses extensive expertise and comprehension of intricate construction and development loans.

By actively managing complex loans, we offer enhanced efficiency for our clients, resulting in better financial outcomes and peace of mind.

Timely and Accurate Reporting

Using our cutting-edge proprietary system, we offer lenders streamlined and consistent reporting, providing them with precise and timely analysis of their investments.

Our reporting system is tailored to cater to the unique and granular requirements of our clients, offering intricate, detailed, and personalized data sets.

Loan Compliance and Monitoring

Our broad team of professionals continuously monitor all loan covenants to ensure proper compliance by borrowers.

By taking a proactive approach, we ensure any potential discrepancies are quickly identified and addressed.

Innovative Technology Redefining
Industry Standards

Our automated workflow process is backed by our exclusive, enterprise platform. It is a key component to our highly organized and efficient mortgage administration services. Through intelligent automation, our team can manage project-critical information, documents, and details to successfully administer complex loans with multiple syndicate parties.

We prioritize the safety and privacy of your data. The platform is backed by leading front-line security measures to keep your information safe and secure.

Efficient Capital Allocation

  • Streamlined process for bringing stakeholders together
  • Enables more flexible participation in real estate projects
  • Matching your specific needs with unique real estate construction and development opportunities

Streamlined Insight and Control

  • Instantaneous visibility and ability to manage the entire capital administration process
  • Detailed insight, transparency, and reporting into each project – eliminating manual processes
  • Proactive management to keep projects on track

Advanced Modelling Technology

  • Fast, consistent and intelligent financial modelling and forecasting
  • Proactive assessment of the integrity of construction budgets and schedules
  • Administration costs are part of the MZ process and reduces capital source burden.

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