About MarshallZehr

Our mission: to reshape our industry for a better outcome

What does MZ stand for?

Integrity, proficiency, and innovation.

At MarshallZehr, we hold ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism, performance, and conduct. These attributes shape the pillars of our organization, and steer how we operate our business every day.

These fundamental strengths allow us to effectively protect capital, optimize project outcomes, and identify undiscovered opportunities.

Integrity and Transparency

Strong governance helps MarshallZehr to ensure steadfast fiduciary responsibility and alignment of decision-making, helping us to protect the interests of our clients.

Refined operational execution

Effective operational business practices help MarshallZehr to have more insight and control over the capital process, manage risks, and ultimately protect our clients’ interests.

Proactive focus on risk management

Good risk management practices begin with a proactive approach – identifying potential organizational risks to ensure we’re constantly maintaining our fiduciary responsibility and protecting our clients’ interests through professional and insightful service.

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Corporate Responsibility

Since we first opened our doors in 2008, MarshallZehr has been dedicated to creating and driving change that will produce better outcomes for our stakeholders: capital and development partners, our community, and the environment.

This includes minimizing the environmental impact of our day-to-day operations, the protection of Canada’s unique ecosystems through types of projects we choose to become involved with, and steers how the MarshallZehr team gives back to our community partners and charities.

MZ Office ESG

An integrated approach to ESG

We recognize the positive impact of incorporating ESG into everything we do. This includes the way we operate our business and prioritizing construction and development opportunities that focus ESG initiatives.

We firmly believe that a commitment to strong ESG practices not only result in strengthened communities, but improved financial performance and sustainable growth.

Examples of ESG in practice:

Jake's House Community Residences

Jake's House Community Residences

A joint initiative with Jake’s House providing housing solutions for the autism community and their caregivers

Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club Turkey Drive

Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club Turkey Drive

Helping to ensure that vulnerable families in Waterloo Region can have a holiday meal on their table.

Urban North Townhomes

Urban North Townhomes

Protecting sensitive ecosystems, promoting high-efficiency designs, and focus on green transportation options.

Who is on our team?

At MarshallZehr’s core is a team of tenacious, dedicated and passionate professionals, leveraging deep industry experience and leading-edge technology to service our clients, match their needs, and protect capital at every stage.

Executive Team

Our Executive Team has decades of practical experience and expertise in real estate investments, development, lending, corporate finance, and operations. They have held multiple senior leadership roles at large public and private companies and together, they have built MarshallZehr into an industry leader in the alternative lending market for real estate construction and development.

Gregory Zehr

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
519-342-1000 x222

David Marshall

President & Co-Founder
519-342-1000 x221

Peter Berczi

Chief Executive Officer
519-342-1000 x224

Cecil Hayes CIM, PFP

Chief Operating Officer
519-342-1000 x233

Murray Snedden CPA, CMA, CMC

CFO & Principal Broker
519-342-1000 x232

Nicholas Armstrong

Chief Technology Officer
519 342 1000 X 250

Ceri Haywood

Senior Vice President, Operations

Business Development & Syndication

We collaborate with our Lender and Borrower partners to create effective financing strategies, capital structures, and operating models to deliver success – while ensuring clear communication and proactive risk mitigation.

Josh Thiessen

Vice President, Business Development
519-342-1000 x242

David Hildebrant

Vice President, Business Development
519-342-1000 x231

Jason Simon

Vice President, Business Development

Bryce Carlin CPA, CA, CBV

Director, Special Opportunities
519-342-1000 x241

Bryce Lee

Director, Business Development
519-342-1000 x237

Brian Reitzel

Vice President, Business Development Analysis
519-342-1000 x245

Anthony Carleton

Business Development Analyst
519-342-1000 x253

Daniel Kurisko CPA, CA

Business Development Analyst

Ryan Dang CPA, CMA

Business Development Analyst

Brenner Smith

Business Development Analyst

Andrew Baskerville

Marketing Manager
519-342-1000 x251

Mortgage Underwriting & Funding

Using real-time data and our MZ platform, our team regularly re-forecasts each project to proactively address risks and re-assess its impacts – all towards protecting the value of the project security for our Lenders and enabling successful operating models for our Borrowers.

Sean Atkinson

Vice President, Project Management
519-342-1000 x238

Joseph Varrecchia CPA, CGA

Manager, Project Management
519-342-1000 x234

Aiden Lupyrypa

Manager, Project Management
519-342-1000 x246

Nike Olonade

Project Management Associate

Legal, Administration & Compliance

Our professional team drives accountability with our Borrowers and ensures compliance to our regulatory obligations. Their professional efforts support regular and frequent reporting on project progress and loan performance.

Julia Schlumpf

Manager, Legal Administration
519-342-1000 x230

Leanna Bailey

Manager, Legal Administration
519-342-1000 x248

Dawn Wise

Loan Compliance Manager
519-342-1000 x235

Heather Barnes

Analyst, Legal Administration

Rebecca Bachynski

Office Manager
519-342-1000 x227

Corporate Finance & Accounting

Leveraging our proprietary ERP platform, we are driven to provide accurate, reliable, dynamic and compliant reporting. Our reporting capabilities generate visibility into our clients’ business activities to meet all our stakeholders reporting needs.

Sabrina Ecclestone

Director, Accounting & Reporting
519-342-1000 x228

Adam Fisher CPA, CA

Director, Corporate Finance

Vickie Sangrar

Accounting Manager
519-342-1000 x223

Dalton Roth CPA

Manager, Corporate Finance

Sandra Hernández

Accounting Analyst
519-342-1000 x252

Software & Innovation

The MZ Innovation Lab houses the on-going development of our leading ERP platform, provides internal technical support, and manages our comprehensive protocols and best-practices related to security, privacy, and data integrity.

Calvin Zehr

Product Manager

Reilly Moore

Lead Software Developer

Braden Cok

Software Developer

John Ferguson

Senior Software Developer

Bhavik Patel

Software Developer

David Ribero

Senior UX Designer

Ayushi Patel

QA Developer

Wale George

IT/DevOps Manager