MarshallZehr provides comprehensive land financing solution for Nahid Harbour in Oshawa, Ontario

August 10, 2022

MarshallZehr is proud to provide a comprehensive land financing solution for Nahid Corp for Nahid Harbour in Oshawa, Ontario.

When Phases 1 and 2 are complete, Nahid Harbour will feature over 1,400 residential units across 2 mixed-use residential buildings: 35-storey and 30-storey towers with a connecting podium.

Thank you to Bryce Lee for your leadership, and congratulations to the entire team at Nahid!


About MarshallZehr Group

MarshallZehr Group Inc (“MZ”) provides mortgage lending and customized financial solutions for high-performing real estate developers. With $3.4B of fundings over 350+ projects, MarshallZehr has become one of Canada’s most trusted capital partners for the growing construction and development industry. We add value beyond capital – our team’s decades of experience and deep expertise deliver the strategic insight and vision necessary to craft tailored financial solutions, all backed by our proprietary administration technology platform.

About Nahid Corp

Nahid is a development company focused on improving the lives of our clients and community members by providing them with innovative, high quality, secure homes that are suited to their requirements and needs.

Since 2017, Nahid has dedicated itself to giving back to the community through creating safe, sustainable, advanced, and vibrant urban communities that embrace the essential aspects of a good life and enhance the standard of living for all residents.