MarshallZehr provides $22M financing solution

August 30, 2023

MarshallZehr proudly provided a $22M financing solution to King & Benton to facilitate site works required to close the sale of lands from their property at 200 Dain Avenue in Welland, Ontario.

The property, now under the ownership of Linamar, was once home to a Union Carbide facility. Linamar has ambitious plans to establish an electric vehicle component production facility, introducing cutting-edge technology and innovation to the region.

Welland is positioned for future growth, thanks to its vibrant cultural diversity, well-established transportation infrastructure, excellent health and wellness facilities, and breathtaking landscapes. We take pride in our role of providing bridge financing for this project, facilitating its completion, and propelling the future development forward.

About MarshallZehr Group

MarshallZehr Group provides customized construction and development financial solutions for high-performing real estate developers. With more than $4B of fundings over 380+ projects, MarshallZehr has become one of Canada’s most trusted real estate capital partners. We add value beyond capital – our team’s decades of experience help deliver the strategic insight and vision necessary to craft tailored financial solutions, all backed by our industry recognized mortgage administration services.

About King & Benton Redevelopment

King & Benton Redevelopment has a proven track record of revitalizing abandoned and derelict toxic industrial sites, breathing new life into Brownfields. This restorative approach is deeply ingrained in the company’s corporate culture. Where other development companies see obstacles, KBR sees challenges and opportunities for community-building and growth.