MarshallZehr and Kettlebeck Developments agree to $11.4M land financing solution in Thorold, Ontario.

June 28, 2022

MarshallZehr is pleased to announce an $11.4M land financing solution for Kettlebeck Developments for its future development site in Thorold, Ontario.

This financing solution will provide Kettlebeck with the working capital they need to execute their vision for the property. The 98-acre site has early stage planning to potentially feature as many as 600 low rise residential units in the north and southern ends of the site, protecting a centrally-located environmentally sensitive forested area.

Congratulations to Kettlebeck Developments and everyone involved.


About MarshallZehr Group
MarshallZehr Group Inc (“MZ”) provides mortgage lending and customized financial solutions for high-performing real estate developers. With $3.3B of fundings over 350+ projects, MarshallZehr has become one of Canada’s most trusted capital partners for the growing construction and development industry. We add value beyond capital – our team’s decades of experience and deep expertise deliver the strategic insight and vision necessary to craft tailored financial solutions, all backed by our proprietary administration technology platform.

About Kettlebeck Developments
Kettlebeck is a Toronto-based developer dedicated to building homes, not houses. As described by Kettlebeck: “Through fearless innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, we thoughtfully develop distinctly human spaces that seamlessly integrate into their surrounding communities.”