Jake’s House ‘ASD Band’ wins awards

July 28, 2021

Jake’s House has proudly announced that the ‘ASD Band’ they helped form has won multiple awards at the Clio Music Awards.

The Clio Music Awards is a US-based awards show, with competitive entries from across the globe. Other winners of this year’s Clio Music Awards include Spotify, Harry Styles, Pearl Jam, and Apple. The ASD Band was formed by Edelman and Jake’s House, named ASD for ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder, and consists of five talented performers – Rawan, Robbie, Spenser, Ron and Jackson. The ASD Band was awarded in every category that Edelman and Jake’s House submitted for. Their latest song “Follow You” is available on all streaming platforms.

MarshallZehr has a strong relationship with Jake’s House, specifically the Jake’s House Community Residences (JHCR) initiative. This initiative has been designed to help deliver housing to those with special needs and their caregivers. In Ontario alone, there are 14,000 individuals identified on wait lists for affordable housing – and this number continues to grow to 30,000 within three years. For every person who comes off this wait list, six new people are added. Currently, there is little to no specialty housing for autistic individuals and their aging caregivers. Jake’s House Community Residences, together with MarshallZehr, aims to change this.

MarshallZehr is proud to support Jake’s House and of the recent awards won by the ASD Band.

To find out more about the awards won by the ASD Band, please click here.