Congratulations Bryce Lee, and welcome Steve Slessor

March 9, 2023

Congratulations to Bryce M. Lee on his promotion to Vice President, Business Development, and welcome to Steve Slessor who joins us as an Advisor.

Bryce joined us in 2019 as a Business Development Analyst, and was promoted to Director, Business Development in 2021. He has been an integral part of our Business Development team while proving to be a strong leader within the organization. His dedication to MarshallZehr is reflective of his most recent promotion to Vice President, Business Development. We look forward to seeing Bryce continue to build strong relationships with our clients and stakeholders in his new role.

We are also pleased to introduce Steve Slessor, who will be working with us as an Advisor, supporting our financing and syndication initiatives. Steve has more than 20 years experience in the alternative asset management space and has developed relationships with fund managers, pensions, institutional investors and other key market players during his career. We look forward to the positive impact and expert insights Steve will bring to MarshallZehr.

Congratulations to Bryce and Steve!