Jakes House Nov 23 2020

Announcing Jake’s House Community Residences at Lucan

November 23, 2020

Above Left to right: Hon. Monte McNaughton, Jennifer Joseph, Irene Bodanis, David Bodanis, Gregory Zehr, David Marshall. Photo credit: Monte McNaughton Twitter Nov 20 2020 – @MonteMcNaughton

LUCAN, ON – On Friday November 20th, the launch of Jake’s House Community Residences (‘JHCR’) was announced at a press conference at the new JHCR location in Lucan, Ontario. Jake’s House Community Residences will be a home that will house seniors and individuals on the autism spectrum, along with their caregivers.

MarshallZehr has partnered with Jake’s House to support delivering the Jake’s House Community Residences (JHCR) initiatives to combat the current housing crisis for individuals with autism who are also living with their aging parents. In Ontario alone, there are 14,000 individuals identified on wait lists for affordable housing – and this number continues to grow. For every person who comes off this wait list, six new people are added. Currently, there is little to no specialty housing for autistic individuals and their aging caregivers. Jake’s House Community Residences, together with MarshallZehr, aims to change this.

“A project such as this needs understanding, it’s not about just putting up four walls and just moving in, you’re changing the culture, you’re changing the community” said David Bodanis, co-founder at Jake’s House.

“This facility is the beginning of many that will help to solve the housing crisis in Canada for those affected by autism and their families.” said Gregory Zehr, Chief Executive Officer at MarshallZehr.

Attendees at the morning announcement included the Mayor of Lucan Cathy Burghardt-Jesson, the Minister of Labour, Training, and Skills Development in Ontario Hon. Monte McNaughton, as well as leadership and staff from both Jake’s House and MarshallZehr. Together, the ceremony celebrated a community that supports inclusion, acceptance, and a housing solution for the autism community.

Beyond being a strategic partner for Jake’s House through the development of this initiative, MarshallZehr is also the capital contributor to the JHCR project and the rapid growth of the JCHR network of properties.


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About Jake’s House

Jake’s House is a community that understands and cares, providing practical help and lasting hope to families living with autism. Jake’s House is committed to providing social solutions that make a real difference in families’ daily lives, as well as to developing a long-term support system for a better future.