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Adam Fisher and David Ribero join MarshallZehr

May 7, 2021

MarshallZehr is welcoming to new members to the team this week: Adam Fisher CPA, CA has joined as our Director of Corporate Finance, and David Ribero has joined as a Senior UX Designer.

Adam Fisher brings with him years of finance experience and savvy, having spent the last five years driving asset funding, mergers and acquisitions strategy, and financial planning for two high-growth lending businesses. Among his responsibilities at MarshallZehr, Adam will be helping drive our corporate reporting, the generation of financial and operational statements, project analysis and modelling, as well as assist in the execution of transactions as required.

David Ribero has significant freelance and in-house UX/UI design experience, most recently working with major Canadian financial institutions to help drive their UX strategy and support critical business functions. David will be collaborating with our Product Managers to identify areas where our business processes can be made more efficient through technology. This includes ensuring our proprietary technology platform’s usability remains consistently strong as we continue to add new features and functionality, and review analytics to proactively improve users’ efficiency within the platform as necessary.

Our team is excited to welcome Adam and David to the team, and we look forward to seeing their positive impact on our business and operations.