Urban North

Barrie, Ontario

With over 30 years of experience in servicing, development, and construction, our building profile includes everything from luxury custom-built homes to single-family subdivisions as well as commercial office and retail space.

What we did

  • Construction financing
  • Partnership approach to keep things moving
  • Protection of environmental sensitivities

When completed, Urban North will house over 1,300 families in townhomes and condominiums in the southern Barrie.

A key aspect to the successful development of Urban North has been the environmental protection of sensitive ecosystems on the property. It was a priority from the outset to ensure the protection of wildlife on and around the development site.

To achieve this, significant design effort was spent to avoid damaging local habitats, protecting existing green spaces, and promoting green transportation options. The development site was selected with easy access to amenities on foot, and close proximity to public transit options. The townhomes being constructed are designed as high-efficiency units, minimizing their energy consumption needs throughout the year. In addition, over 50% of the Urban North site is dedicated to park land and natural forest.

Through deliberate planning and management, these ecosystems have been safeguarded and significant green space has been included with the construction.